UG Sem-2 Examination Form No- 2nd May
UG Sem-2 Examination Form No- 30th April (part-2)
UG Sem-2 Examination Form No- 30th April
UG Sem-2 Examination Form No- 29th April (Part-2)
UG Sem-2 Examination Form No- 29th April
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Official In charge

S.NO Name Designation
1 Kumari Rajani Singh Bursar
2 Dr. C.S. Jha Proctor
3 Dr. Arvind Kr. Sinha Incharge U G C
4 Dr. Dhirendra Kumar Coordinator - NAAC
5 Dr. Md. Shamim Alam N. S. S. Officer
6 Dr. Mukesh Kumar N. C. C. Officer
7 Dr. Arvind Kr. Sinha Atheletics & admission In charge Science
8 Miss. Aparajita Incharge-Girl’s Common Room
9 Dr. A.K. Sinha Routine Incharge
10 Dr. Shalini Kumari In charge- Counselling cell
11 Dr. Vinita Tiwari In-charge Carrier Counselling
12 Mr.Raj Kumar Maurya Nodal Officer Incharge
13 Dr. (Major) C. S. Jha Nodal Officer for Redribbon club
14 Dr. Shashi Kumar IQAC (Co-ordinator)
15 Dr. Arvind Kr. Sinha In-charge (Boy’s Common Room)
16 Dr. B. K. Yadav Examination Controller
17 Dr. C.S. Jha Central Supritendant

S.NO Name Designation
1 Dr. Nandini Narayan Library In-charge
2 Fundan Kr. Routine Clerk

S.NO Name Designation
1 Sri Mohan Das Head Assistant
2 Sri Arun Kr. Sinha Head Accountant
3 Sri. Fundan Kr. Routine Clerk
4 Sri. Binay Paswan Routine Clerk
5 Satyendra Kr. Routine Clerk
6 Gopal Kr. Routine Clerk